• Group or not to group...that is the question

    One of the best parts of meeting up again is the chance to ride as a group.  That said, the decision to ride in a group, or to ride solo, is an individual's own decision.  We welcome riders to join us, but leave them to decide

    The rules for a solo rider are simple...Rule No 1: you are totally responsible for yourself and your safety.  No problem there then!

    When you ride in a group it is tempting to believe that someone else is responsible.  They are not!.  Rule No 1 still applies You are totally responsible.

    So, what is the difference?

    The difference is that, riding in a group, there is an additional responsibility to your fellow riders.  There is a leader and a tail end Charlie.  Think of it as a patrol.  In a patrol, you work as a team, but are still individually responsible.  I think this is why we veterans do enjoy group riding. 

    The "leader" is not "the boss" he is the leader.  He rides at the front, navigates and signals and leads the group.  He is the "Road Captain"




  • How do we ride?

    We establish the group, using numbering and positioning.  Road Captain allocates your number and you maintain your position behind the number in front, and in front of the number behind.  Seemples |!!

  • Staggered Riding

    The safety of everyone in the ride is paramount.  Staggered riding gives time to think and react.  By maintaining, as in a patrol, your position relative to everyone else, you create an order that allows everyone to settle and enjoy the ride.