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  • Why have kit?

    Good question!

    You only need to ride with us to Arnhem or the Ride to the Wall once to understand why we bother.

    We are all ex-Airborne or a supporter of the Airborne forces.  The kit allows us to regain our identity to some extent and to show that we are proud to be part of the group..  It is obvious to all that we are the Airborne Forces Riders.

    The question has been asked "Why don't we have back patches?".  The answer is, that back patches are a particularly important part of Motorcycle Clubs.  It shows, as does our maroon beret, that the wearer has passed through a specified process to become accepted.

    We passed P Company to wear our beret and would be, and are, highly offended if anyone wears it who is not entitled to wear it.  They are the same, so out of mutual respect we choose not to wear colours. 

  • Pricing

    We keep the price for our kit as low as possible, so the clothing is provided at cost.  We hope this encourages the wearing of the kit.  It is not mandatory....we are all grown up enough to decide what we want to wear when we ride our bike.  That said, it is a magnificent sight at the two major rides to see the Airborne Forces Riders as a uniform group.

    P & P  (Postage and packing) 

    Unfortunately we now have to add on the price of the Packaging and Postage.  The costs were getting way too high.  Will advise you of the total before dispatch

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